Thousands of Brexit supporters protest outside parliament

Thousands of pro-Brexit marchers protest outside parliament

Friday, March 29, 2019

Thousands of Brexit supporters have gathered outside parliament to protest against the delay to Brexit, on the day that the UK was set to leave the European Union.

The March to Leave, which started in Sunderland 13 days ago, arrived in Westminster on Friday afternoon.

It comes as MPs rejected Theresa May's withdrawal agreement by 58 votes. 

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage told the protesters that March 29 should have been a day of “great celebration”.

He said: “Frankly, I believe that what's happened over there, has not just turned this day that should've been one of great celebration into a day that history will mark as a day of great betrayal, I believe that what's happened over the course of two years is actually one of the saddest and worst chapters in the history of our nation."

To chants of "Nigel, Nigel, Nigel", Mr Farage said if Britain does not leave without a deal on April 12 and the country takes part in European elections on May 23, he "will fight them".

He said: "And if the worst case scenario occurs, if they force us to fight a second referendum, we will beat them by a bigger margin than last time."

Brexit supporter Matt joining other protesters outside parliament. 

One Brexit supporter, who gave his name as Matt, was dressed as a horse to show his frustration at the delay to leaving the EU.

Holding a sign saying "stop horsing around and get on with it", he told talkRADIO: “I was actually going to wear this on grand national day but it is my friend’s wedding so I thought it would be appropriate.

“I don’t think Theresa May has done a very good job with the deal. It is a pretty terrible deal.

“We just want to leave now, we are fed up of it and we have just had enough.”

He added that he still believed the UK would leave the EU despite MPs “frustrating the process”.

UKIP’s Make Brexit Happen rally was also being held near Parliament Square.

Tommy Robinson spoke at the UKIP protest and was introduced to the stage by cheers of "oh, Tommy Robinson" from the crowd.

He told supporters: "We are being lied to by the mainstream media from Britain to Australia.”