Thousands of Brussels sprouts block road after trailer overturns

Thousands of sprouts were spilled

Monday, December 16, 2019

Thousands of Brussels sprouts have blocked a road in Fife after the trailer carrying them overturned.

Police were called to the scene at a roundabout on Admiralty road in Rosyth at around 10.45am this morning.

There were no reports of any injuries but police warned that traffic – and Christmas dinners – may be affected.

Pictures posted on social media showed the huge pile of the festive vegetables covering part of the road and pavement.

South West Fife Police tweeted: “There's been a bit of a #BrusselSprouts accident at the roundabout at Admiralty Road, #Rosyth.

“Please avoid the area if possible. Traffic and #Christmas dinners may be affected. Apologies for any delays...”

The incident was met with good humour online, with one Twitter user saying it was her “favourite alert of the day” and another asking “why is this so funny?”

It also reignited the ongoing debate over the divisive feature of a traditional Christmas plate.

One account lamented the loss saying “Christmas is cancelled” while another user saw the spillage as a good opportunity to get rid.

He wrote: “Hard to think of a better use for Brussels sprouts than filling gutters in Rosyth.

“Don’t come at me with your pancetta recipes. Sprouts are the work of Satan.”

Part of the cabbage family, Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin A and C and folic acid.

Around a third of the Britain’s yearly sprout consumption happens over the Christmas period.

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