Three jailed for ‘sickening’ assault on pregnant teenager

Kydie McKenna and Harief Pearson have been jailed

Monday, July 8, 2019

Three people who held a teenage girl against her will and assaulted her have been sentenced to a total of 25 years in jail.

22-year-old Harief Pearson had recently been told he was the father of the teenager’s unborn child and had demanded she have an abortion.

When she refused Pearson took the 15-year-old victim’s phone and prevented her from fleeing his north-west London home, while 22-year-old Kydie McKenna and a 16-year-old girl attacked her.

They kicked her repeatedly in the stomach, back and face, saying this was a way to get rid of the unborn child.

They also forced detergent into the victim’s mouth, believing this could force a miscarriage.

The young girl was taken to hospital and was able to inform police, leading to Pearson and the 16-year-old being arrested later that day.

McKenna was arrested in January.

Metropolitan Police spokesman, Detective Constable Nick Lee, said he was “incredibly proud” of the victim for her bravery during the "sickening" assault.

“This was a ferocious and prolonged attack on a vulnerable young girl who was held against her will and savagely beaten,” he said.

“While Pearson did not actually take part in the physical violence, he clearly plotted it and used McKenna and the 16-year-old girl to carry out his plan to cause the victim to miscarry her unborn child.”

He added: “Thankfully, the baby was unharmed and I hope this sentencing give the victim some closure, and provides her with the strength she’ll need as she embarks on the next chapter of her life as a mother.”

Pearson has been sentenced to 11 years in jail, McKenna will spend 10 years in prison, and the 16-year-old faces four years in jail.

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