Three million new homes needed to 'solve housing crisis', say Shelter

Building House

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Three million more homes are required to "solve the housing crisis", according to the housing charity, Shelter.

In a report published today, the charity has called on the government to invest in a 20-year housebuilding programme, which would extend the offer of social housing to those who fail to qualify under the current system.

The programme is estimated to cost the government over £200 billion, with costs of £10.7 billion per year.



However, the report says upfront costs could be covered from housing benefit savings by moving tenants from high-cost privately rented homes to social housing.

The report says 1.27 million homes would be used to house the homeless, those with a long-term illness or disability, and people living in poor conditions, with 1.17 million reserved for young families who cannot afford to buy.

The remaining 690,000 homes would be for older renters, such as over 55's who are struggling with high housing costs.

The charity estimates that there are currently 277,000 homeless people in England.


'Social homes is a priority'

Ed Miliband. Image: Getty

The report was authored by 16 indepenent comissioners, including Ed Miliband, Grenfell survivor Ed Daffarn, TV architect George Clarke and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.

Co-author Ed Miliband, said: "We have never felt so divided as a nation, but building social homes is priority for people right across our country.

"This is a moment for political boldness on social housing investment that we have not seen for a generation. It is the way to restore hope, build strong communities, and fix the broken housing market so that we meet both the needs and the aspirations of millions of people."