Three-quarters of Britons want EU workers' rights protected after Brexit, poll finds

Protests continue against Brexit, 18 months on from the vote

Protests continue against Brexit, 18 months on from the vote

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nearly three-quarters of the British public want EU workers' rights to be enshrined in domestic law after Brexit, a new poll has suggested.

The poll, conducted by BMG Research for the Left Foot Forward blog, found that 74% of "those with a view" believe EU regulations protecting workers’ rights should be maintained.

Furthermore, 62% of Conservatives believe these rights should be enshrined - suggesting Theresa May could face troubler from within her party if she attempts to remove the rights guaranteed by EU law.

In a speech to the Commons yesterday, May insisted that she has no intention of diluting or undermining workers' rights when Brexit is complete.

However Opposition MPs are concerned about reports published in our sister newspapers The Sun and The Sunday Times over the weekend, suggesting some Tories which to abolish the working time directive - which governs working hours - when Britain breaks from Brussels.

Labour's Chuka Umunna attempted to press May on the issue, asking the Prime Minister to “guarantee that post-Brexit none of the working time regulations, importantly the 48-hour working week, will be done away with by her government”. May insisted that "we will maintain workers' rights, and indeed enhance workers' rights" but many criticised the Prime Minister for not offering a stronger response.

Tim Roache, general secretary of the GMB Union, said: “This poll shows an overwhelming majority of the public clearly want workers’ rights maintained or strengthened as we leave the EU.

“No one voted to lose their holidays or lunch break. In fact, Theresa May has promised to defend and extend workers’ rights after Brexit.

“This weak and wobbly Prime Minister must not break her pledge under pressure from her over-zealous ideologically-motivated ministers.

“As well has being an attack on British workers’ hard won freedoms, this poll shows the Tory ministers’ plot is a deeply unpopular one that will lose them yet more votes at the ballot box.”