Thunder Rapids Ride accident: 'police investigating potential conveyor fault', says journalist Jessica Millward

Investigators seen at Dreamworld (Getty)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An Australian journalist has said investigators might be considering a possible fault in the conveyor belts following an accident on a theme park attraction on the Gold Coast.

Four adults were killed in an accident on the Thunder River Rapids ride at Dreamworld theme park in Queensland this morning. It's understood the raft they were on flipped, ejecting two from the ride while trapping another two underneath it. 

The entire theme park has closed while emergency services are on the scene.

Jessica Millward, a reporter for Channel 9, provided background on the park and the ride on which the accident occurred.

"Dreamworld is one of the largest theme parks on the Gold Coast," she told Paul Ross. "It's been here for decades, and this ride in particular has been here for years.

"It's very popular with mums, dads and young children, and it's not considered high-adrenaline.

"We understand maybe something happened with the conveyor belt on the ride, but that's all part of the police investigation. 

"Thousands of people were here, many witnessing this accident. We have been told there wasn't anything bystanders could do to save these people."