'Is thundersnow a rock band?' - The best Twitter responses to the UK's snowstorms

'Is thundersnow a rock band?' - Twitter reacts to the prospect of snow

Snow is expected to hit much of the UK today

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow showers and strong winds are expected to hit much of the UK today, with the Met Office giving severe weather warnings for most of the UK.

Blizzards are expected in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the north of England, with the worst affected areas receiving 20cm of snow.

The worst of the weather is expected to hit during the evening rush hour, threatening chaos for motorists, although Scotland and Wales have already seen some snow.

There have even been predictions of 'thundersnow' showers, with rapid-fire storms battering the UK.

Despite the dire predictions, it seems the denizens of Twitter have [once again] managed to see the funny side, as these humorous tweets suggest.

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