Tiger shot and killed in Georgia after roaming the motorway

A tiger has been shot and killed in Georgia, say American authorities

Reports of the creature on a motorway had been received earlier on Wednesday morning

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Authorities in America have shot and killed a tiger in the state of Georgia after it was seen on the local motorway.

Police contacted an animal sanctuary group called Noah's Ark after they began to receive reports of the creature loose on the Interstate 75 north in Henry County earlier on Wednesday.

Pictures and reports of the escaped cat began to circulate on Twitter as the reports were confirmed.  

Now, however, Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary says the creature has regrettably been killed after it was spotted in a neighborhood. 

The statement said officers had tried to subdue the tiger with chemicals, but human life was placed "at risk" and it was shot.

The group thanked officers for trying to bring the animal to safety, while reassuring the public all of their tigers were accounted for.