Tim Farron calls for 'arrogant and vain' Theresa May to resign

Tim Farron believes May took 'each and every one of us for granted'

Tim Farron heavily criticised Theresa May in his speech today

Friday, June 9, 2017

Tim Farron has branded Theresa May "vain and arrogant" after called for her to resign.

The Lib Dem reader, speaking at a party event as the dust continues to settle on last night's election, also reiterated that the party is not interested in entering a coalition agreement with anyone.

Farron's party picked up 12 seats, an increase of three on their previous total. But the night was far worse for May, whose Tories lost their majority and are now likely to be forced into a 'confidence and supply' pact with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Farron could barely hide his contempt for May. While the Prime Minister's "strong and stable" mantra was a central feature of her campaign, Farron said "we now have a government that is weaker and less stable".

May, he said, "took each and every one of us for granted. [She] called this election expecting it to be a coronation, she took each and every one of us for granted in the most cynical way possible

"Like David Cameron before her, our Conservative Prime minister rolled the dice and put the future of our country at risk. She reaches out to the right to form her own coalition of chaos.

"If she has an ounce of self-respect she will resign."