'Tim Farron couldn’t commit himself on gay issue': Lembit Opik on former Lib Dem leader's resignation

'Tim Farron couldn’t commit himself in either direction' - Lembit Opik comments on former Lib Dem Leader's resignation

The former MP spoke to Jon Holmes and an author about the former Lib Dem leader's departure

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lembit Opik has said Tim Farron couldn't commit himself to answering questions about his views on homosexuality.

The former Liberal Democrat leader found himself in a spot of controversy after he'd refused to say if gay sex was wrong. 

For Farron, his faith became a core focus of his General Election campaign. For this reason, he stood down as the leader of the party on Wednesday, saying it had become a "subject of suspicion."

Opik, the former MP for Montgomeryshire, took part in a discussion on Farron's resignation with Jon Holmes and Nick Spencer, the author of The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders Do God. 

He said: "I was astounded yesterday when he said this as his reason to stand down. 

"Tim just didn’t deal with it. He couldn’t say ‘I think gay sex is a sin’ to let people know where he stood.

"But he couldn’t commit himself in either direction, so there was a presentation issue."

Nick shared his views on the subject by saying Farron must have felt a certain element of pressure by the line of questioning.

He told Jon: "These people [politicians] are representatives, politics is messy and we want them to believe in something with a commitment.

"They also have to represent a party and consituency, so they have to juggle so much.

"Tim Farron must have felt the attention paid to a specific part of his Christianity was getting in the way of everything. "

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