Tim Farron: Forming centrist party with Independent Group 'entirely possible'

Lib Dems

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tim Farron has refused to rule out the possibility of the Liberal Democrats forming a centrist party with the new Independent Group.

Appearing on the breakfast show with talkRADIO's Daisy McAndrew, the former Lib Dem leader said it was "entirely possible" that the two groups could merge to form a new political party.

"It's entirely possible. It's not something we should say must happen, and a lot of water has to pass under the bridge before then, but I have called for that to be looked at and explored," Mr Farron said.



"I think we need to see how the land lies, and see what happens after working with them for a period of time."

Mr Farron added that he felt a new movement had "already begun" with the emergence of the Independent Group this week, made up of eight former Labour MPs and three ex-Conservatives.


'This time next week the group will be bigger'

The newly formed Independent Group. Image: Getty

"By this time next week the group will be bigger but by how much I can’t say," he revealed.

"I think it is great these people have left these parties, because it shows people are thinking for themselves, and thinking of their country's interests rather than their own."

He added: "There's great opportunities for us to work together and build something really new and really special that can enthuse the British people."