Tim Farron: Second referendum 'least messy' way of solving Brexit

Tim Farron

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tim Farron has called for a second EU referendum, claiming it would be the "least messy" way of solving Brexit.

"There isn't a nice easy way out of this mess, and a referendum on the deal would be the least messy and most straightforward," he said during an appearance on the Mike Graham show.

The former Liberal Democrat leader added that he thought the original referendum was too "vague".



"The very fact you've got committed Brexiteers both for and against Theresa May's deal proves that leave was a vague question and therefore, there isn't a 52 per cent anymore," he said.

"There will be some in favour of leaving with no-deal, some in favour of Theresa May's deal, some in favour of Norway, some in favour of other stuff."

Despite his enthusiasm for another referendum, Mr Farron said referendums should not happen "in the first place".

"Leave could mean at least three different things and that's not knocking anyone who voted. The only person I'll point the finger at is David Cameron for putting such a vague question on the ballot paper."