Tim Loughton MP: France 'needs to do an awful lot more' to stop migrants crossing the Channel


Police and Border Force agents by an empty dinghy used to cross the Channel. Image: Chris Matcham/Twitter/PA

Monday, December 31, 2018

Conservative MP Tim Loughton has said that France needs to do "an awful lot more" to tackle refugees and asylum seekers crossing the Channel into the UK.

The Home Affairs Committee member appeared on the Cristo Foufas show to discuss a spate of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel from France and Belgium by boat.

"Why are these people in France, and why can't they be dealt with in France?" the politician asked.



"France is not a dangerous country, they're not having to escape from persecution in France, so why are they coming to the UK and making it our problem? The French need to do an awful lot more. It's not just the French because the problem is escalating up the coastline to Begium, and potentially Holland as well."

Mr Loughton called for France to "clamp down" on people traffickers before any fatalities occurred.

"It is a miracle that nobody has been killed that we know about so far," he said.


'This is not about migration'

"This is not about mirgration, this is about people who are illegally trying to enter the UK, trying to jump the queue without having any claim to be in the UK in many cases.

"Paying criminals to bring them across one of the most hazardous water routes in the world, that's what this is about."

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has previously said that factors behind an increase in migrants attempting to reach the UK by boat was "outside of our control".

However, Mr Loughton said the UK needed to "make it clear" that anyone picked up in the Channel would be "taken back to where they left".