Tim Martin: Tinkering with Withdrawal Agreement ‘dangerous’

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Weatherspoon boss Tim Martin said he is hoping for a no-deal Brexit, as the EU is “becoming undemocratic”.

He told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer he dreads a situation where Parliament agrees to “tinker” with Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

“The great danger I think for the British public is that they agree to tinker with the Withdrawal Agreement which is dire and it’s still dire after their tinker with it but there’s enough people in Parliament who say this is the only thing we’ll accept,” he said.

“People understand that democracy is the biggest determinant of economic success and the EU’s becoming undemocratic.”

The fierce Brexiteer and Boris Johnson supporter said it was an easy choice to back the former Foreign Secretary, as rival Jeremy Hunt was a remainer.

The pair took turns pulling pints at a London pub yesterday, and Mr Martin said the leadership frontrunner was a “winner”.

“I think Boris will take us out of the EU and I’m hoping he’ll take us out on a so-called no deal basis which I call multi-deal, which is thousands of little deals organised by businesses to ensure their suppliers keep coming through,” he said.

He has also weighed on the resignation of Sir Kim Darroch, who stepped aside as the British ambassador to Washington yesterday following the leak of his private emails criticising Donald Trump.

Top Conservatives criticised Mr Johnson for refusing to say earlier this week whether he would fire the ambassador if he became Prime Minister.

However Mr Martin said it was “a very difficult situation”.

“I don’t think he condemned our man I think he just kept his gunpowder dry and it’s very difficult, he’s not even the Prime Minister yet,” he said.

“Maybe Boris could have been a little more forthright, but it’s very difficult to comment on when you’re not in power.”

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