Tinder couple finally meet after three years of chatting

Couple who gave constant excuses for not replying to messages for three years finally meet

The pair messaged each other on Tinder (Stock image)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two people who have been messaging on Tinder for three years have finally met for the first time, although they haven't sent quite as many messages as you might think.

Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec were paired on the dating app in 2013 but each time they replied to a message they would provide an excuse for their delayed response.

Many of the messages received responses months later and included excuses such as having a shower or charging their phone. Which suggests the pair might not actually be that keen on each other.

Avsec posted a screenshot of the messages on Twitter and the post soon went viral, according to Newsbeat.

Good Morning America then decided to give the pair their first date, live on TV.

Even though they are both students at Kent State University in Ohio, Arendas said she hadn't wanted to arrange a meeting with Avsec because "I loved the fact that we had a similar sense of humour so I was not going to be the one who gave in and gave up that great joke we had."

After seeing the post on Twitter, Tinder asked Avsec what his dream location would be for a date, so he chatted about the idea with Arendas and said it would be the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

Tinder said: "Aloha! We're sending you to Maui but you can't take two years to pack your bags!"

Arendas has said she's not sure whether they will become a couple as they need more time together, but Avsec told People magazine "I'm a really good judge of character so I can at least tell if I'm not going to enjoy being around someone, and I haven't gotten any of that vibe yet. So, so far, so good."