Tinder dater tries to defend himself after saying women 'love' rape

Tinder dater tries to defend himself after saying women 'love' rape

Charlie Silcox sent shocking messages on Tinder

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Tinder dater has defended himself after it was revealed he told a match women "love" being raped.

Charlie Silcox told a woman he had matched with on the app: "Rape is only unconsensual for about 8 seconds...after that...she loves it."

He also spoke about women having orgasms during rape and claimed one day men will "walk up behind our girlfriends" and then "put our hands over their mouths" and start having non-consensual sex.

Not only that but Silcox said this act would be filmed and uploaded online to prove women enjoy rape, according to The Sun.

The university student also claimed "nice guys get no girls" before stating Harvey Weinstein gave Angelina Jolie a career, and should get credit for doing so despite the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Screenshots of his messages were uploaded on Facebook and after this he spoke to The Tab about what happened.

Silcox said that he sent the messages after seeing a photo of the woman on a feminist march whilst he was drunk, but still told The Tab "about 15%" of women orgasm during rape and that shows they enjoy it - despite having no evidence to back up the claim.

He also continued to speak about his support for Weinstein and said: “You'd be a fool to say the man has not had young actresses throwing themselves at him.”

The student also discussed abusive relationships, claiming it's not hard to leave an abusive partner and if you don't leave "at a certain point, the pain you're going through can only be blamed on yourself."

Perhaps most shockingly though, he told The Tab “I've had messages from girls requesting I rape them,” although he did not provide proof.

Silcox has now been removed from the dating app and the case has been passed to the police.