A 'Tinder for polygamists' has sparked major debate in Indonesia

A 'Tinder for polygamists' has sparked major debate in Indonesia

Ayopoligami has gathered 56,000 users since its launch in April

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A dating app which has been called a "Tinder for polygamists" has generated some controversy in Indonesia. 

Ayopoligami - which translates roughly to "Let's do Polygamy" - is a smartphone app designed to help men find women who want "big families."

It's targeted towards single men, widowers and widows and has gathered more than 56,000 users since it launched in April before being temporarily shut down. 

It is to relaunch in October with stricter guidelines, but despite the company who designed it, Pandu Solusi, undergoing careful consultation with Islamic clerics, it has still been branded a device to wreck marriages. 

To counter this, the man must provide official documentation and a letter from the first write granting approval once the app relaunches, according to company officials.

Polygamy is legal in Indonesia, so long as the first wife grants permission. 

Will the app soon be making an appearance on the app store? We'll see.