Tinder: The shocking, racist, sexist and anti-Semitic messages sent by users

Tinder: The shocking, racist, sexist and anti-Semitic messages sent by users

Some Tinder users truly have had an awful experience

Thursday, December 14, 2017

We all know that Tinder is a bastion of decorum and class, full of real-life Hugh Grants and Julia Robertses sending romantic paens to one another.

But news reaches us that, just occasionally, some users send messages which fall beneath these standards of decency.

Yep, shocking stuff we know, but it's come to light after a bloke was found to have told a 'match' that women love rape. 

Turns out Charlie Silcox told his would-be date  "rape is only unconsensual for about 8 seconds...after that...she loves it." Presumably this was intended as a saucy hors d'oeuvre to get her in the mood before he sent her a picture of his nether regions.

Silcox also appeared to support Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment by several people, and suggested one day men will film themselves raping their girlfriends to prove they enjoy it.

He has now been removed from the dating app, as screenshots of his messages were posted online and the matter as been reported to the police.

But, after a forensic investigation of Tinder's message logs (thanks for that list MI5, by the way), we can reveal that this is just one of several inappropriate messages which have been sent on the site over recent months.

In fact we've drawn up a wall of shame, a list of messages to show you the pitfalls of Tinder and the depravity to which its users can sometimes sink. Check it out below:

Double c-bomb

Earlier this year another man, named Nick, was banned from Tinder after sending racist messages to a woman on the app for not responding quickly enough to him. Screenshots of the messages show him saying "ugh you chinks are all the same" before also calling her a “dumb c***.”

After seeing the messages other women then also claimed to have received offensive messages from the same man and posted about their experiences online.

Petrol bombshell

Of course this hasn't been the only case of racism on the app. An Aboriginal woman received this message, "is it true abos have two sized nostrils - one for unleaded and one for leaded?" This appears to reference the stereotype that indigenous people in Australia sniff petrol.

The woman named Ali said she found the message shocking (which itself isn't actually that shocking) and complained to both Tinder and the company that employs the man. One of the few positives of the whole debacle was that many supported her in standing up to racism online, and she said that was "wonderful."

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here

The Tinder police don't seem to care if you're rich or poor, famous or non-famous.

Take the case of New Zealand's Married At First Sight star Andrew Jury, who faced his own trial by public opinion after a selection of his messages were made public.

In the messages he firstly asked if the woman would satisfy his "Asian fetish," but he then went on to call her a "whore" as well as saying that she is "ugly" and a "mutant." He also claimed she was one of the people ruining the world with "prudish uptight ways" after she was offended by his first message about his fetish.


One woman thought she'd see what would happen by simply writing in her Tinder bio that she is a feminist, and she received some pretty surprising responses.

Laura Nowak then posted screenshots of the conversations on Instagram. One user asked her "why are you on Tinder if you're a feminist?" She responded by saying: "Why are you suggesting that casual sex and respect for women are mutually exclusive?"

Another told her she had the worst bio possible, but she explained it was a great bio as it helps people who "don't have time for misogynists" as "men who don't respect women are really good at outing themselves. Like you just did."

Unfortunately he responded by telling her "you're too ugly to have that attitude. Go make me some bacon."

Picky and anti-Semitic

However, it's not just men who have been caught out for sending offensive messages on Tinder. A woman named Marwa was offended when a man said "what's up" to her, as apparently this isn't a good way to communicate and she claimed showed he didn't read her profile first, which also states she does not want to talk to racists.

Yet after a few messages about whether the man should have messaged her, she noticed his profile said he was a Jew, so told him "just saw this a Jew too god what was I thinking another terrorist."

The tirade didn't stop there, as she then said "goodbye Jew boy unfortunately Hitler didn't get rid of you completely."