Toby Young defends academic fired for 'racist' research

Students said Noah Carl's work on race and intelligence "legitimised racist stereotypes"

Thursday, May 2, 2019

An academic has been fired from a fellowship at a Cambridge University college for allegedly conducting “racist” research, but The Spectator's Toby Young says it was simply because he was a "Conservative".

A panel at St Edmund’s College concluded on Tuesday that Noah Carl’s work as a social scientist was “problematic”, with students and staff claiming his writings on race and intelligence helped "legitimise racist stereotypes".

However, The Spectator’s associate editor Toby Young has argued that scholar Noel Carl was fired simply for being “a self-identified Conservative”.

Mr Young told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “The problem that this group of academics have with Noah Carl is that he is a self-identified Conservative and there are now very few Conservative academics, especially in the social scientists.”

The panel looking into Mr Carl's appointment also expressed concerns that his role at the institution “could lead to the college being used as a platform to promote views that could incite racial or religious hatred”.

The panel’s inquiry took place after over 1,400 signatories signed an open letter calling for an investigation into the appointment of Mr Carl, as they said his work was “ethically suspect”.

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