Toby Young 'deletes 50,000 old tweets' after sexism criticism

Young has been heavily criticised by left-wingers

Toby Young has faced fury after being appointed to Government's new university watchdog

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Journalist Toby Young has deleted thousands of tweets after his appointment to a new government education watchdog, according to one of his critics.

Young, who has set up a number of free schools, was appointed to the board of the new Office for Students over the Christmas period. The appointment has raised the ire of left-wingers, given that Young is an active Conservative and boasted about joining Labour in 2015 to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, in the hope of sabotaging the party.

Aside from Young's political leanings, much of the criticism has focused on his sexually suggestive tweets and article in the past - and now he has apparently removed scores of those old messages.

Aaron Bastani, a supporter of Corbyn, claims Young has deleted 50,000 tweets, including a number of jokes about sex and women's bodies.

Bastani has published a screengrab purportedly showing a selection of the deleted messages. They include boasts about anal sex and several comments about breasts.

In response, Young directed talkRADIO to a recent Twitter thread in which he defends his appointment to the Office for Students. The message can be seen here.

Young also pointed out to us that he has received support from several influential figures, including Boris Johnson, blogger Guido Fawkes and fellow free schools champion Dennis Sewell.