'Toby Young is a great appointment to the Office for Students, despite smutty tweets'

Toby Young has been severely criticised for his smutty tweets

Toby Young's appointment to the Office for Students has brought plenty of criticism

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Toby Young is a great appointment to the Office for Students, despite his sexist and smutty tweets in the past.

That's according to academic Phillip Blond, who believes Young, a right-wing journalist and free school pioneer, will stand up against the "totalitarian-type" bullying witnessed at many modern universities.

Young was appointed to the board of Office of Students over the Christmas period, and the appointment has garnered plenty of criticism, with opponents dredging up scores of old tweets in which Young jokes about sex and women's breasts.

Blond told Julia Hartley-Brewer that some of Young's past tweets are "pretty grim... desperate and awful. At best embarrassing, at worst really bad.

"The internet allows us to go into people's pasts, dig up whatever they've said and dredge it back. Most people wouldn't like that. We all say things that we regret.

"There has to be a principle of charity around what was said in the past. [The tweets are] not quite enough to prohibit him from the role."

Turning to Young's credentials, Blond said there is a "very aggressive class of student that now, in an East German fashion, polices free speech and closes down on people that it targets and doesn't like.

"This no-platforming culture is becoming very, very extreme and very disturbing, and our universities have been pretty poor at defending free speech and defending academics who don't follow the herd.

Young, Blond suggested, will have the courage to stand up against the "totalitarian-type cultures that we seem to be developing," and help balance out the left-wing dominance seen in most branches of academia.

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