Toby Young resignation: Julia Hartley-Brewer tells Lord Adonis 'if he was Labour, no-one would care about his tweets'

Toby Young stepped aside this morning

Toby Young has resigned from the Government's new university watchdog

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer gave Lord Adonis a grilling regarding Toby Young this morning, suggesting that if he was a Labour rather than Tory supporter no-one would have cared about his sexist tweets.

Julia, who has been in touch with Young this morning, also put it to Adonis that, if we're going to censor Young, we must also hold John McDonnell to account for suggesting Tories should be lynched.

Adonis, a Labour peer who has vigorously opposed Young's appointment, hit back by saying the right-wing journalist would not have commanded public confidence, particularly in light of the old sexist tweets which have come to light on Twitter.

Tweets aren't significant

Young resigned this morning, less than two weeks after his appointment to the Office for Students, saying his role had become a distraction.

Julia, who said she had been in touch with Young this morning, told Adonis she had no truck with Young's much-criticised views on women, expressed through a number of now-deleted tweets.

However she added: "I can't see how a man tweeting about women's breasts means he can't have a job in public life."

She also suggested that, if Young is going to be silenced, we must also sanction John McDonnell "who has called for Esther McVey, the new work and pensions secretary, to be lynched."

Adonis also rather cheekily suggested to Julia that Young "might well be competing for your job" now he is free of his public role, but Julia said she's "always up for competition".