Tom Brake: Boris Johnson plans to ‘crash’ out of EU

Tom Brake is the Lib Dem's Brexit spokesman

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lib Dem MP Tom Brake has called Boris Johnson’s proposal to solve the problem of the Irish backstop as “so vague as to be embarrassing”.

The Prime Minister wrote to EU president Donald Tusk and claimed the backstop was “anti-democratic” and he offered to discuss alternative arrangements while Britain transitions out of the EU.

But Mr Brake said Boris Johnson “put himself on the rocks” with the letter whch he doubts the European Union will take seriously.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s James Max, the Liberal Democrat Brexit & International Trade Spokesperson said: “He is the person who said he is going to ‘do or die’. It seems to me as though this letter is simply confirming that his intention is to die, or at least to crash us out of the European Union.”

Mr Brake has warned Britain should not rely on a “bonanza” deal with the United States, despite a tweet from Donald Trump suggesting there could be rapid movement on a free-trade agreement.

“Just look at what the US president is doing in relation to trade deals. When he says ‘put America first’ that is exactly what he means,” he said.

“We are very unlikely as the junior partner in a relationship with the United States to get a particularly good deal from him, particularly as the US has made it very clear that their number one priority is to export as to us agricultural produce that we don’t want.”

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