Tom Brake: Chuka Umunna adds ‘weight’ to the Lib Dems

Tom Brake: Chuka Umunna adds ‘weight’ to the Lib Dems

Chuka Umunna joined the party on Thursday night

Friday, June 14, 2019

Chuka Umunna adds “substantially to the weight of the Liberal Democrats”, Tom Brake has said.

The Liberal Democrat MP has welcomed Mr Umunna’s move to his party.

Mr Brake told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton: “Chuka Umunna is one of the most fluent, convincing MPs on the subject of Brexit. He commands the house when he speaks.

“He is a very credible MP and he will add substantially to the weight of the Liberal Democrats and their capacity to fight for a People’s Vote.”

Since joining the Liberal Democrats, tweets by Mr Umunna have resurfaced of him criticising the party.

One tweet accused the Liberal Democrats of “betraying students” over increasing tuition fees.

Mr Brake dismissed the tweets, saying: “Politics is a tough game and when you are in another party you make very strong statements.

“I am sure if you look back at what I said prior to the 2010 coalition, you could find some pretty aggressive things that I said about the Tories.

“Then, we ended up in coalition with them. Sometimes political parties end up having to work together.”

The Liberal Democrat MP suggested that the party’s policy on Brexit had encouraged Mr Umunna’s defection.

“On a critical issue - such as Brexit - MPs might find that they are much more comfortable in another political party,” Mr Brake said.

“That is clearly what Chuka feels on the subject of Brexit and that is why he has joined us and I welcome that.”

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