Tom Brake: Jo Swinson ‘more popular’ with remainers than PM

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tom Brake said Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson is “far more popular” than Boris Johnson with Conservative supporters who voted remain.

The Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer he expects voters will take a “stronger view” of Ms Swinson as her profile grows.

“Jo Swinson is far more popular amongst Conservative supporters who voted remain than Boris Johnson is,” he said.

“People who voted remain, the more they see of Jo the more they love her and people who didn’t vote remain and are strong Brexiteers, it’s perhaps not very surprising that they’re not particularly enthusiastic about her as our leader.”

Ms Swinson has insisted she remains a credible contender to become the next Prime Minister, despite her party holding only 10 seats at the dissolution of Parliament on November 6.

However she said it would be a “big step” for the Liberal Democrats to win a majority in next month’s election.

“I'm the Liberal Democrat candidate to be Prime Minister. Not a single vote has been cast in this election. People still do have a genuine choice,” she said.

“I'm certainly finding that when I meet with people, I'm getting a perfectly warm and enjoyable response, having good conversations with people across the country.”

Ms Swinson said the Liberal Democrats are focused on more than just stopping Brexit, during the launch of its manifesto on Wednesday.

It pledged to spend an extra £10 billion a year on schools and recruit 20,000 more teachers if it gained power.

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