Tom Brake: MPs 'treading water' over Brexit

Tom Brake: MPs are ‘treading water’ over Brexit

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Liberal Democrats’ Brexit spokesman has said that MPs are “treading water” on the issue of Brexit as the UK’s original date of departure passed last week.

Tom Brake told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham that he thought the prime minister was using the meeting as an opportunity to “share the blame” on Brexit.

He said: “We have been treading water on this issue for months.

“I think this is more about sharing the blame than it is actually about finding a way forward.”

The Lib Dem MP suggested that it would be a “high-risk venture” for Mr Corbyn to help deliver Brexit.

He added: “I would be very surprised if in the following days they are on the steps of Downing Street holding hands waving a piece of paper that says ‘peace in our time’.

“What she is trying to do is add sufficient MPs from another party to get her deal across the line. Clearly if she gets Jeremy Corbyn on board then she will have the numbers to get a deal through.”

This comes as Theresa May is set to meet with Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to reach a deal that would pass through the House of Commons.

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