Tom Hardy fans say he should be next James Bond after chasing down thief

'This is what you call a badass legend' - Tom Hardy chases down a thief in London

Tom Hardy reportedly chased down a thief

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's not everyday a Hollywood actor runs through the streets of London to catch a thief, but when it happens it certainly causes a stir.

On Sunday (April 23) actor Tom Hardy reportedly chased a thief in London and made a citizen's arrest, with many claiming he "switched to superhero mode."

Hardy was spotted running after the man who allegedly stole a moped and crashed it in Richmond, according to The Telegraph.

The incident happened on Sunday and witnesses claim he jumped over walls and through gardens as well as a building site on the chase.

Eventually he caught the alleged thief at a bus stop, and once he had checked him over for any weapons, Hardy said "I caught the ****."

Many on Twitter have reacted to the incident, with some demanding the actor be named the new James Bond - although what Daniel Craig would make of that we're not sure.

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