Tommy Boyd shuts down caller during rant about Tim Farron and the antichrist

Tommy Boyd shuts down caller who wants to discuss Tim Farron's resignation

Ken tried to talk about Tim Farron, and Tommy wasn't having it

Friday, June 16, 2017

Tommy Boyd cut off a caller who wanted to discuss the resignation of Tim Farron in the wrong hour. 

Our host had decided the topical feature would be about 'songs you can't get out of your head'. 

But when Ken called in, he wanted to discuss how Farron was forced out of his position as Liberal Democrat leader because of "antichrist people."

Farron claimed his faith had made him a "subject of suspicion", citing it as the main reason why he was stepping down.

Ken said: "I want to talk about two manifestations of vicious Christian phobia in the land. It’s on the rise, gentlemen.

"There’s Mr. Tim Farron – forced out of the leadership position of the Liberal Democrats because he holds to orthodox, biblical Christian truths."

At this point, Tommy interjected and shut Ken down, saying they wouldn't be going off-topic to discuss Tim Farron, homosexuality, or the antichrist.

Ken didn't take too kindly to this.

Listen above.