Tommy Boyd: 'What's the big deal about free speech? Opinions are just a burden'

Tommy Boyd: 'Opinions are a burden and shouldn't be voiced unless they will do more good than harm'

Tommy Boyd discussed free speech

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tommy Boyd opened his show today with a passionate discussion about free speech and claimed opinions are a burden on us.

The talkRADIO presenter made a sensational return to the airwaves last week and continued in the same vein today, standing in for Jon Holmes.

Boyd claimed the ease of communication in the modern world has cheapened the currency of opinion, as many people feel it is necessary to have an opinion on everything.

He believes we go out armed with opinions and people have hundreds of them, waiting for someone to ask about them - even though the opinions are, well, complete rubbish.

Tommy thinks it would be refreshing if people, including politicians, were honest when asked for their opinions on issues they know little about, and just say they don't know enough about the issue.

He said opinions should never be voiced, unless you've given the opinion a lot of thought by researching it and you know that the opinion will do marginally more good than harm.

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