Tommy Robinson faces fury in Pakistan for describing cricket hero Imran Khan as a 'terrorist'

Khan has wholeheartedly rejected terrorism accusations

Tommy Robinson hit out at Khan on Twitter

Friday, January 5, 2018

Tommy Robinson has risked the wrath of Pakistan by calling the country's cricket hero Imran Khan a "terrorist" today.

Robinson attacked Khan on Twitter while linking to an interview the sportsman-turned-politician gave to the German news agency Deutsche Welle on December 31.

It isn't clear why Robinson chose to attack Khan, or why he linked to the interview - which is in Urdu. However the outburst may be linked to Khan's condemnation of Donald Trump, of whom Robinson is a firm admirer, earlier this week.

Khan, who led Pakistan to the Cricket World Cup in 1992 and now leads the opposition PTI party, is facing terrorism charges in relation to attacks on the country's state television building in 2014, with his accusers claiming he instigated the offensive. 

However Khan wholeheartedly rejects the charge, and indeed tweeted earlier this week "My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist."

The former all-rounder, one of cricket's most recognisable figures during the 1980s, is also accused by critics of supporting extremism, and was condemned in 2012 for suggesting the Taliban were fighting a holy war.

However Khan once again refutes the accusations, and described the Taliban as a terrorist organisation last year. He has also spoken about against hardline Islamic practices, saying the forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan is totally unacceptable.