Tommy Robinson pleads for 'political asylum' in US

Tommy Robinson

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tommy Robinson is calling on Donald Trump to grant him "political asylum" in the US, after he was found guilty of contempt of court.

The political activist is facing a two-year prison sentence in the UK for filming defendants in a criminal trial and broadcasting the footage on social media, flouting the reporting restrictions that were in place at Leeds Crown Court.

Now, 36-year-old Robinson has issued a video plea to the US president via the website InfoWars, ahead of his sentencing on Thursday.

"I feel like I'm two days away from being sentenced to death in the UK for journalism," he said.

"I'm calling on the help of Donald Trump, his administration and the Republican Party to grant me and my family political asylum in the United States of America."

He continued: "I beg Donald Trump, I beg the American government, to look at my case. I need evacuation from this country because dark forces are at work."

At the Old Bailey last week, Dame Victoria Sharp sitting at the Old Bailey with Mr Justice Warby, found Robinson in contempt in three respects.

Throughout the hearing, Robinson denied any wrongdoing, saying he did not believe he was breaching reporting restrictions and only referred to information that was already in the public domain.

Supporters of Robinson began chanting "shame on you" outside the Old Bailey as the guilty verdict filtered through.

Hundreds of his fans congregated outside of the court for the duration of the trial.

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