Tommy Robinson rejects claims he attended anti-semitic rally: 'You'd see worse things at the Labour Party Conference'

Tommy Robinson has reacted to coverage of the rally he attended over the weekend

Tommy Robinson has reacted to coverage of the rally he attended over the weekend

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tommy Robinson has rejected claims a rally he attended over the weekend was anti-semitic, suggesting there'd be more hostility towards Jews at the Labour Party Conference.

The former English Defence League leader visited Poland to attend a nationalist rally celebrating Polish independence and decrying Islam.

It was reported that those who attended the rally chanted "Jews out of Poland" and demanded the country be "Jew-free."

One participant told Polish broadcaster TVP they wanted to "remove Jewry from power" and Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon has condemned the event as “a dangerous march of extreme and racist elements.”

Robinson, who says he was attending the event as a journalist, told talkRADIO that "you probably did have a couple of wayward slogans, or banners.”

However he added that he is "yet to see any evidence" of widespread anti-semitism, and even met a Jewish person at the event.

“If they were shouting ‘Jews out’ you’d have that on video" he said, adding that instead "“every national newspaper has picked up on someone else reporting, someone saying they’ve heard something.

“The percentage of people [at the rally] who would be anti-semitic... there would be more anti-semitism at the Labour conference.”

Labour has regularly faced claims of anti-semitism under Jeremy Corbyn, many of them centring on former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

However Livingstone is now suspended from the party and Corbyn has denied there is an anti-semitism problem within his party.