Tommy Robinson reopens feud with Lily Allen with mocking Brexit tweet

Tommy Robinson reopens feud with Lily Allen

Tommy Robinson has tweeted Lily Allen

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tommy Robinson has reopened his feud with Lily Allen this morning (March 28).

The former leader of the English Defence League tweeted the singer saying "this is what your music does to people Lily Allen," along with a video of a person dancing dressed as an EU flag.

The two previously clashed in January when Allen said she'd only ever been assaulted by white males.

Robinson then accused her of wanting attention for her music and asked her to watch a video on YouTube, according to The Mirror.

But the singer said: "I don't need to watch your hate filled piece of propaganda. You are a racist, sexist bigot unworthy of mine or NE1's time."

This led Robinson to call her a "silly spoilt little girl" and say she was racist. Allen then threatened legal action as she thought he may be claiming she was never assaulted.

The former EDL leader said: "So Lily Allen calls me a racist and sexist with absolutely to evidence yet she's going to sue me because I ask her for evidence.

"Instead of making legal threats against me why is she not making legal threats against the white men who apparently sexually assaulted her?"

The spat ended when Allen blocked Robinson on Twitter, saying: "I've blocked you because you clog up my TL I don't want my followers to read your hateful comments. It's upsetting for a lot of people."

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