Tommy Robinson says a copy of his new book on Islam will be 'personally handed to Donald Trump'

Tommy Robinson's book purports to explore the truth behind the Qu'ran

Tommy Robinson's book has received mixed reviews

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has said a copy of his new book on Islam is on its way to Donald Trump - and will be "personally handed" to the US President.

Robinson's book purports to explore the origins of the Qu'ran and provide "concrete evidence that any part of [the book] which appears peaceful has been cancelled by a later command to be violent."

The book has received a number of positive comments on Twitter, although critics suggest it is islamophobic and deliberately provocative. One review even claimed it is "atrocious."

Retweeting a comment from a fan who said Trump should receive a copy, Robinson said "a copy is on its way to be personally handed to @realDonaldTrump."

The US President caused a global storm last week by retweeting videos posted on Twitter by Britain First deputy leader Jayda Farsen, which apparently showed several acts perpetrated by Muslims.

Several world leaders, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, criticised Trump, while sources in Holland refuted claims that one of the videos showed a Dutch boy being attacked by a migrant.

However Trump refused to remove the retweets and reacted bullishly to the criticism, telling May she should focus on the UK's terror problem rather than his use of social media.