Tommy Robinson takes police to court

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson leaves Peterborough County Court

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tommy Robinson has taken Cambridgeshire Police to court, alleging they harassed him during a day out in Cambridge.

The activist claimed officers asked him to leave a Cambridge pub and then followed him to the city's railway station after a trip to take his children to see Luton Town play away against Cambridge United.

Appearing at Peterborough County Court the 36-year-old said he felt "targeted" because of his "beliefs".



The alleged incident took place in August 2016 when officers used a dispersal order.

However, an officer on duty that day said the campaigner was among a group of Luton fans who were identified as a "risk".

Cambridgeshire Live reported that Mr Robinson said in evidence: "I feel I was approached and targeted by police because of my beliefs.

Tommy Robinson said he found the alleged incident "humiliating"

"I felt that I was just ejected from the city."

He said he found the incident "humiliating and degrading" and that his children were crying as they were followed by officers to the railway station.

The case, listed for four days, continues.