Tony Blair launches campaign for second EU referendum

Blair believes British people should have right to reconsider

Blair believes British people should have right to reconsider

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has demanded a second referendum on Brexit, once the terms of Britain's exit deal become clear.

In a video posted this morning, Blair, one of the most vocal members of the Remain campaign, has launched a campaign demanding the British people have the right "to think again" once they have a clear picture of the post-Brexit landscape.

The video, posted on the page of the Tony Blair Institute, argues that in 2016 "we couldn't and didn't at that time, know what the new relationship actually looked like."

It was, Blair said, like having a General Election where the simple was simply 'do you like the Government?' without knowing the alternative.

Thus Blair says, he is now campaigning to give the British people the right to rethink their 2016 referendum.

Blair has also published an article on the institute's website, headlined 'What we now know.'

The article points out that economic growth is likely to drag for the next five years, the value of sterling has fallen and unemployment is starting to rise.

It also highlights the much-publicised 'divorce bill', which will drain the money which was promised to the NHS by Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson during the referendum campaign.

Blair writes that his campaign "in the first instance is not to reverse the decision; but to claim the right to change our minds once we see the terms of the new relationship.

"Once we know the alternative, we should be entitled to think again, either through Parliament or an election or through a fresh referendum, which will, of course, not be a re-run of the first because it will involve this time a choice based on knowledge of the alternative to existing EU membership."