Top Corbyn ally brands Labour splitters 'scabs' in fiery speech

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle. Image: PA

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A top Corbyn ally has blasted the eight Labour splitters in a fiery speech obtained by talkRADIO.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle called MPs who left Labour to join The Independent Group "scabs". 

Mr Russell-Moyle said in a speech in Westminster: "We have good discussions today in the Labour Party. Behind the doors we are moving to the right position.



"I can't say much more but I genuinely believe you will be happy with the position that we are edging towards."

He continued: "We are getting to the right place with the leadership. 

"I believe, I am almost certain now we will be in a position of remaining and reforming in the European Union and those scabs that left will suddenly regret the day that they ever left the Labour Party."

The comments were revealed by the Huffington Post website.