Top EU Brexit negotiator says Jeremy Corbyn should be involved

Guy Verhofstadt calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be involved in Brexit negotiations

The EU official claimed the election result was a rejection of Theresa May's 'hard Brexit' strategy

Monday, July 17, 2017

A member of the EU's Brexit negotiating team has said Jeremy Corbyn should have a say in the ongoing negotiations. 

Guy Verhofstadt, Brexit coordinator for the European Parliament, has called for Corbyn and other party leaders to be involved because he claimed the result of the June general election was a "rejection" of Theresa May's 'hard Brexit' plans. 

Verhofstadt insisted other voices needed to be heard, saying the election was an "own goal" for the Prime Minister. 

In an interview given to The Independent, the former prime minister of Belgium has previously said Theresa May has handled the negotiations in a "somewhat chaotic" manner thus far. 

He claimed the Government needed to take account for the responsibility of the result in its weakened position, saying it should allow other party leaders onto the team to offset this.

Despite Verhofstadt not being directly involved in the negotiations, the European Parliament has the power to veto any potential agreement for Brexit at the end of the talks.