Top women's football coach Emma Hayes says 'you need a miracle' to manage a group of girls on their period

Hayes made the explosive comments on talkSPORT

Hayes made the explosive comments on talkSPORT

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

One of the most high-profile figures in women's football has suggested women's brains are different to men's and the menstrual cycle makes it more difficult to manage female teams.

Emma Hayes, the manager of Chelsea Ladies, also said she and other female coaches would have no problem seeing naked men in the changing room and it wouldn't trigger sexual thoughts in an explosive interview with our sister station talkSPORT.

Discussing the prospect of a woman one day managing in the Premier League, Hayes said it could happen, although a female coach would have to start in the lower leagues and work their way up.

However Hayes, who has an MBE for her services to football, added that it would be "a lot easier coaching men. I think it's a lot harder coaching women."

When asked about the challenges implicit in women's football, Hayes told her hosts: "You deal with 23 women on a daily basis! Oh and do it, as I always say, do it while all 23 of them are on their period, or three days before!

"You need a miracle, not just the skillset. I think that can be quite challenging.

"I always talk to men about how they deal with their women at home around that period, the menstrual cycle. It's a major physiological event that happens once a month for us, and it's hell.

"It's horrible - oh and you've got to try and perform while you're producing 8% more blood plasma, your neuromuscularskeletal system doesn't work, your reaction times are off, you want to binge on chocolate, you're gaining weight just by sitting down. So there's a lot that happens and there's a lot to manage."

Continuing on the theme, Hayes said: "The female brain circulatory system is much different to a man, so you've got to understand the left and right side of the brain for a woman and the front and back for a man."

Behavioural differences would also be a major difference to overcome, the interview continued.

"When I read stories about men squaring up on the training pitch I'm like 'oh I wish women did that, it'd be over and done with.'

"But it won't work like that with women. It will take place and manifest in little corners and then you've got to try and decipher what's happening. Then you fix it.

"It's dangerous. Women... if they don't resolve things quite quickly it can manifest underneath. Coaching men I think would be much easier.

"It's much easier getting my guys to do something than the girls. You have to cajole, and coax, and persuade. With the guys I'm like 'look, just get it done.'"

However Hayes suggested that, if these differences can be managed and overcome, "you can manage any gender," and the prospect of nudity wouldn't be an issue.

"Believe it or not many of us have seen men naked before. And secondly, as I always say to people, don't worry, we don't like to have sex all the time. So let's rule them two big subjects out."

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