Topman removes top from sale after claims it references Hillsborough

Topman removes top from sale after claims it references Hillsborough

The top is no longer on sale (Credit: Topman)

Friday, March 16, 2018

A top has been removed from sale by Topman after claims it appeared related to the Hillsborough disaster.

The top was red and had the number 96 printed on the back, which many believed was linked to the amount of people who were killed at Hillsborough as well as the football kit of Liverpool.

The item also had an image of a rose on it as well as the phrase "what goes around comes back around" and the word "karma" on one of the sleeves, the BBC reported.

Families of the victims have claimed the phrases were previously used by other football fans who claimed the incident was "God's punishment" for the Heysel disaster, which saw 39 Juventus supporters killed following a charge by Liverpool fans.

After calls from Labour MP Alison McGovern as well as the families of the victims, Topman has said the item is no longer being sold either in store or online.

It has also apologised "unreservedly for any offence caused by this T-shirt," but claimed it was actually supposed to be based on a Bob Marley song.

Topman said 96 referred "to the year of re-release." It is thought the song the store is talking about is What Goes Around Comes Around.

Some on social media have called for a boycott of the fashion brand, whilst others have defended it saying the link was unintentional.

McGovern described the top on Twitter as "very unfortunate."