The Tories are waiting for Labour to make a mistake now, says YouGov pollster

'The Tories are waiting for Labour to make a mistake to truly test Theresa May's popularity', says leading pollster

Joe Twyman thinks the Toriess want to test Theresa May's popularity

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Conservatives are waiting for Labour to make a mistake and find out whether that improves Theresa May's popularity, according to one of the experts behind the latest polling figures.

A YouGov poll for The Times has given Labour an eight-point lead over the Conservatives. It put the Tories on 38% and Labour on 46%.

Joe Twyman, head of Political and Social Research at YouGov, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "The Conservative Party, probably more than any other party in world politics, does what needs to be done in order to stay in power. Whether that means adopting particular issues or getting rid of a popular or unpopular leader."

But he says in order to change the leader "you need circumstances out there in the real world to improve."

Twyman also thinks there isn't a clear appropriate replacement for Theresa May, explaining that "when you look at the data in our polls you can see there really isn’t an obvious alternative."

He thinks instead: "If you’re Conservative you’re probably sitting there thinking Labour are having a period of good luck...but that cannot last.

"I imagine suspicion within Conservative circles is 'let’s wait until Labour make a mistake.'

"'Let’s see then if Theresa May is able to use that to recover a bit, or whether she's in what is effectively a death spiral.'"

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