Tories drop manifesto pledge for free primary school breakfasts

Tories drop manifesto pledge for free primary school breakfasts

The policy had been a key promise by the Tories in the election campaign (Stock photo)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Conservative Party have dropped one of the primary pledges in their manifesto, to provide free breakfasts for primary school children. 

The policy, put forward during the 2017 election campaign, had promised to ensure all children in all primary schools around the UK got their first meal of the day free. 

The free breakfast was designed to replace the existing provision of free lunches for children in the first three years of primary school, which the Tory manifesto suggested was not "a sensible use of public money."

However, according to new reports, the pledge was quietly dropped earlier in July, and only made public via a statement during Parliamentary recess.

It has drawn condemnation from Labour Party members, like shadow education secretary Angela Rayner, who labeled it "another humiliating u-turn" from Theresa May's government.

The policy is the latest pledge on which the Tories have rowed back, following early volte-faces on fox hunting, social care reforms, and plans to end the triple lock on pensions.