'Tory Brexit Rebel' Dominic Grieve says he doesn't want to defy Theresa May on Article 50 vote

Brexit: 'There are large numbers of Tory MPs concerned about Parliament's role' if no EU deal is obtained, says Dominic Grieve MP

The MP for Beaconsfield spoke to Paul Ross ahead of crucial debates on the Brexit Bill

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Tory MP named as a 'Brexit rebel' over the weekend has denied he intends to vote against the Government in last night's division on the Article 50 bill.

Dominic Grieve told Paul Ross he simply wants "reassurance" that the government will offer a final vote on Article 50 before siding with Theresa May.

Grieve, the former Attorney-General, was named by the Mail on Sunday as one of a small group of Tory MPs planning to vote in favour of the amendments to the Article 50 bill put forward by the House of Lords.

He told Paul he doesn't read the Mail on Sunday, but he did admit there is a group of Tory MPs who are "concerned" that Parliament will be sidelined in the Brexit process.

Expanding on his own view, Grieve said it would be "an extraordinary crisis" if Britain emerges from the Brexit negotiations without a deal with Brussels, suggesting the economic consequences would be severe.

He added: "The Government has already accepted Parliament has to be involved, because constitutionally, they'll have to enact more legislation. The second part of this is whether the Government will come back to Parliament if they acquired no deal, which I think they're legally and politically required to do so. 

"I'm puzzled the Government finds it difficult to acknowledge something I find to be obvious. But it may well be over the course of this afternoon's debate we'll get that assurance."

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