Tory candidate cleared by CPS attacks 'partisan and politically motivated' Electoral Commission

'The electoral commission is partisan and politically motivated', says Karl McCartney

Karl McCartney criticised the electoral commission (Stock image)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Karl McCartney, one of the politicians cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service review into Tory election spending, claims the Electoral Commission is partisan and politically motivated.

He made the comments after the CPS fully exonerated 30 Conservatives, following an investigation into the party's spending during the 2015 election campaign - specifically the recording of expenses for use of the campaign 'battle bus'. 

In March, the Electoral Commission fined the party £70,000 for its campaign spending.

McCartney, who is currently standing for reelection in Lincolnn, believes it is unfair that no other parties were examined by the commission, as they also made similar mistakes when declaring expenses.

He also added that it was unfair that only some Conservatives were investigated.

McCartney told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Louise Edwards, the Electoral Commission's head of regulatory compliance, had a large part to play in the investigation and the fact it was politically motivated.

He added that no one in the party was actively trying to hide the expense and use of battle buses during the campaign.

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