'Tory-DUP deal will show British people what those in Northern Ireland deal with every day', says George Galloway

'British people will be rudely awakened to what those in Northern Ireland deal with daily by Tory DUP deal', says George Galloway

Theresa May is negotiating with the DUP

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

People in Britain will see what those in Northern Ireland have to suffer every day if the Tories' deal with the Democratic Unionist Party goes through, according to George Galloway.

Despite the Queen's Speech taking place today (June 21), the Conservatives are still negotiating with the DUP about forming a Government.

Addressing a Northern Irish caller, the talkRADIO presenter said: "The people of Britain are about to get a rude awakening as to what you [in Northern Ireland] have to put up with daily.

"The point remains that 10 MPs is not a small number, that a significant number of the people do think [the DUP have] got a reputation.

"Most of them are working-class people, who are about witness their representatives keeping in power a vicious anti-working class government, and I’m hoping to pierce their consciousness."

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