Tory Government deserves to be booted out for Southern Rail shambles, says George Galloway

'It's time for a general election' - George Galloway blasts Tory government

George Galloway

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

George Galloway has called for a general election in 2017 to replace a government who "is letting our country badly down" during the Southern Rail crisis.

Galloway believes the Department for Transport has completely mishandled the dispute between Southern and the rail unions, which have led to a series of walkouts throughout 2016 - the latest creating the worst travel disruption seen for almost 20 years.

Strikes have also been organised by prison and postal workers as the mood turns ever more sour towards the Government. 

Our presenter said: "I stand with the railway workers, the postal workers, the Prison Officers Association. It's about time Britain's trade unions got their act together and stop this slide on the part of their members."

Some have suggested that striking Southern workers deserved to be sacked, but Galloway said "I'll tell you who needs to be sacked. It's the Tory Government who presides over all of this, and is letting our country badly down. 

"It's time for a general election in 2017. Let's put the ball on the slate, and see who wins."