Tory leadership candidates 'unsuitable' to be PM

Sir David Amess speaking in the House of Commons

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Few of the Tory MPs considering a bid for the leadership have the “qualities” to be prime minister, according to Conservative MP Sir David Amess.

The member for Southend West told MPs in the House of Commons: “Since I've been here, I've seen colleagues become more and more ambitious".

“Very few people have the qualities that are needed, and so many of us seem to be unaware of our own limitations."

Sir David, who has been in parliament since 1983, said he had “never seen this place in such disarray”.

He added that some members were forgetting their constituencies and saw the role of an MP as a vehicle to become party leader.

"I have never seen a level of incompetence as we are experiencing at the moment, ministers coming and going; it is a complete fiasco".

“Every minute, every hour, every week, every month, damage is being done to our democracy".

It was not just the United Kingdom that bore the brunt of Sir David’s ire.

The Brexit supporting MP said he was also disappointed with the quality of global leaders.

"In my lifetime, this is the poorest in world leaders I have seen frankly," he said. "I struggle to point to someone I think is at the top of their game."

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