Tory Minister Liz Truss hits back at John McDonnell's spending plan

Tory Minister Liz Truss hits back at John McDonnell's spending plan

Liz Truss has criticised John McDonnell

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has been criticised by Tory Minister Liz Truss for allegedly planning to increase borrowing.

The Treasury Minister has said: “The shadow chancellor has today admitted Labour would borrow billions more and hike up taxes to record levels.

"The costs would rack up and up, putting economic growth at risk and hitting ordinary working people in the pocket," according to the Evening Standard.

McDonnell has announced that he'd like a further £17 billion a year to be spent on public services.

He claimed that this could be done without an increase in tax for ordinary people and would enable the public sector pay cap to be lifted as well as increase funding for the NHS, schools, social care and Government.

But he did admit that in order for the extra funding to be allocated a crackdown on tax avoidance would have to take place as well as increasing tax for "rich" people and corporations.

The shadow chancellor even claimed the Paradise Papers will help to target those avoiding tax, and added "even the Government now is going to have to address this."

​A source from the Labour Party has also claimed “95% of taxpayers” wouldn't see an increase in tax as a result of McDonnell's idea.