Tory MP Bob Blackman: ‘Only one person knows how many letters she has got'

Tory MP Bob Blackman: ‘Only one person knows how many letters he has actually got’

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bob Blackman MP has said that Graham Brady MP is the only person who knows “how many letters she has actually got” calling for a no confidence vote for Prime Minister Theresa May.

Mr Blackman, who is joint-secretary of the 1922 Committee, told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “The reality is that it is up to each individual Conservative MP to decide whether they want to write to Graham Brady and ask for a vote, which is their right.

“The only person who knows how many letters she has actually got is Sir Graham himself.

“He keeps it absolutely to himself and if he gets to the so-called magic number then he will reveal the details to the Prime Minister and thereafter to the waiting world. Then we will have a vote.”


'Bring her own noose' 

Chair of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady

This comes as the Prime Minister is set to meet with backbenchers at the 1922 Committee in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

This is days after one anonymous MP suggested that Mrs May should “bring her own noose” to the meeting.

The number of Conservative MPs who have submitted letters calling for her to step down is unknown, but there remains speculation that the number is approaching the 48 needed to trigger a no confidence vote.

The letters are written to Conservative MP Mr Brady, who is the chairman of the 1922 Committee and he is the only person to know how many letters have been received.


'Calm and poised' 

Prime Minister Theresa May with European Council President Donald Tusk. Image: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

Mr Blackman said that he expected the Prime Minister to arrive at the 1922 Committee “calm and poised” despite the violent language directed at her over the weekend.

He said: “I think the reality is on Monday evening she made her statement to the Commons and was calm and in control and poised.

“I would suspect that she will be the same this evening.

“I think colleagues will want to know how far we have got, not only in terms of the withdrawal agreement, but also about how far we have got on the negotiations on the future arrangements with the European Union."

He added: “Clearly we want a trading agreement and we want a position whereby we come out of the customs union and single market, jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and end free movement.

“We want to know what exactly is being talked about in terms of what that future arrangement looks like, and how far we actually are to agreeing one.

“One of the concerns that most people have is it is all well talking about the terms on which we leave, but the future arrangements are the crucial aspect.

“Many of us are worried about the transition arrangements. We leave on March 29 but there will be this extended period until December 2020.”