Tory MP claims weight-loss down to Brexit

Huw Merriman

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A Conservative MP has claimed to have lost four inches from his waistline because of the stress of Brexit.

Huw Merriman, who is the parliamentary private secretary to chancellor Philip Hammond, said he had gone from a 34-inch waist to a 30.

"I've lost a lot of weight. I've gone from over a 34 to almost under a 30 now, and that's purely down to what's going on," the politician told BBC Radio 5 Live.

He added that "abuse" from his constituents was also a contributing factor to the weight-loss.

Mr Merriman, who backed a confirmatory referendum on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal in indicative votes on Monday night, said: "Today I'm getting a heck of a lot of abuse because of the way I voted, even though I tried to explain the way I voted.

"I'm betraying Brexit, I'm the Chancellor's tea-lady according to Leave.EU who are trying to get me deselected."

He continued: "And you try your best for your constituents .... and then you get this vile abuse. And someone off the back of the tea-lady shout was talking about [how] those involved in treason used to be taken outside and lined up and shot, now they're just paid vast salaries ... so it does have an impact on us."

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